kathy in studioWhen asked, How can anyone just draw and paint day after day, year after year, the answer was simple: “We can’t not paint.”

“The pursuit of painting is a lifelong journey. You are always aware that there is another, ever higher level.”

Katherine Seger is a classically trained artist, specializing in still-life, landscape, and portraiture. She completed her training at the Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art of Minneapolis, the school of Classical Realism founded by Richard Lack. Her works have been sold to collectors locally and internationally.

“Painting is always a humbling endeavor. I work from mostly life, only using photos as a reference when absolutely necessary. It often takes many hours—weeks even—to bring a painting to a high degree of finish. As a way of staying fresh, I will often start the work day with a small alla prima painting, finishing in about an hour. Many times these studies also become favorites.

“I like to challenge myself with each painting, and in doing so, hope to be always evolving.”

Seger often travels nationally and internationally to paint. A native of Iowa, she has also lived in Hawaii, Colorado, Maryland and now Minnesota, where she has lived for over twenty years. In 2010 she fulfilled a long-held dream of having a hobby farm, where she paints full-time, teaches part-time, and raises chickens in southern Minnesota.

Seger’s work is available:

(612) 460-1828
Note: Work prior to 2010 is signed “Nomura,” as well as alumna information on The Atelier website.

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