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Honey Belle, 11 x 14 2013

Honey belle photo

The Set Up


Honey belle step 1

Step 1


Honey belle step 3

Step 2


Honey belle step 4

Step 3


Honey belle step 5

Step 4


Honey belle step 6

Nearly finished.


The Set-Up



Step one, establish dark values

Step Two, Middle Values

Step Three, Lights Please…Stay tuned for the “finish”.






Still Life Set Up

Still life set up in the barn loft studio. This was especially fun because the pears and grapes are picked, not bought. Grapes stems with leaves were added later, when the composition needed it.


Still Life, in progress

A couple of sessions into the painting.


Still Life with Pears and Grapes

Close to completion. This photo was taken under different light, which makes all the colors look redder here.



original photo of Abby

A couple in Eden Prairie, Minnesota wanted a portrait of their beloved Yellow Labrador, Abby. The client chose this photo for me to work from.


abby, charcoal sketches

The size of the finished portrait had already been decided because the frame had been chosen. I drew some loose charcoal sketches to scale, and had the clients choose the orientation and cropping they liked.


abby, grid

The finished work would be much larger than the photo reference, so I used a grid to enlarge the image.


Abby, in process

Next step: a lay-in in sepia. The neutral color approach helps me work with form and to stay a little more abstract longer into the process.


Abby, portrait

The completed portrait. The owners were pleased, and have it framed and hanging above their fireplace.




orig photo pizza oven

Original photo, pizza oven


charcoal sketch, pizza oven

charcoal sketch, pizza oven

step two

lay-in, pizza oven

lay-in, pizza oven

nearly done

Nearly done, pizza oven

Nearly done, pizza oven

“Pizza Oven”

"Pizza Oven"

“Pizza Oven”

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