All Good Things…

Wow, it’s the last day in Italy before I return home, and I am trying to put into words a bit of the flavor of my experience here. You can’t always truly describe a taste, or a color, because it’s the perception of each experience that makes it special. But. Here goes.

Lilly arrived last week, and on Sunday we took the train to Venice. That city is such a visual feast. We had great weather, and on Sunday walked along the canals and shopped. Monday Lilly went off sight-seeing and I painted along the water. Although I did more talking with passers-by than painting, the experience was unforgettable.

In the next blog posting, I’ll put up a picture of the sketch I was able to paint, along with a  photo of that area.

This first photo needs no caption, except to say this was in the Piazza San Marco. The happy couple looked so picturesque and so pleased that I think the day was everything they had been hoping it would be. Sweet!

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cortona cat

This picture was taken yesterday, before I left Cortona. The street is lake all of Cortona’s side streets: uneven, made of stone, and very hilly.

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Cortona 2

cortona town square

Buon Giorno! Today is picture-perfect in Cortona, Italy. This picture shows part of the Piazza Repubblica, or town square.

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This photo was taken from a hotel down the mountain, and shows Cortona perched up on the hill.

For anyone who has read Frances Mayes’ “Under the Tuscan Sun” and wondered about it, I am here to say that I can see without a doubt why she moved here.

The views are breathtakingly beautiful and the town itself, although filled with tourists, is well preserved.

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Near the Uffizi Museum

Here is a photo of two officers just outside the Uffizi.

Here is a photo of two officers just outside the Uffizi. At first they kept trying to get aout of my way, thinking I was photographing the piazza behind them. Once they understood that they were the subject, there was a bit of jostling between them as to which of them should pose, and exactly where and how!

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Siena, Italy

After a walking self-tour of the enchanting city of Siena, we are in awe of the depth of the history here. It’s eerie to walk among buildings hundreds of years old and imagine life before the Renaissance.

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Back in Florence

Sadly, my friend Kathy left for home yesterday, and I will miss her! The only thing better than experiencing a new country is having a buddy along! As we were walking to the Ponte Vecchio one day, the light from this side street struck me, partly because there was a waiter momentarily leaning against the wall, hanging out before the lunch crowd appeared. I did a double take, and with Kathy for moral support, walked over and asked him (through gestures; I need to learn the Italian words for “Would you mind posing?”) if he would resume his stance for a photo. He seemed amused to help out, even refusing a tip for his trouble! I’ll post a picture of the painting in progress when I get a lay-in done.

Florence, Day Five

Here's a photo of my painting, a two-hour study of light in the garden.

Florence is such a beautiful historic city, it’s hard to condense any experience here into a few lines. So in this blog I’ll just relate some of the day’s sights and events, and try to include a photo or two from our experiences. A friend and fellow painter, Kathy Litwin, is joining me for a few days here, and I love getting to paint some of the sights together! Today we went to the Botanic Garden, just a few blocks from the apartment, and painted some of the spring foliage and a fountain.

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