Windy Day, September

Monday, Wash Day

Terra Bella, December 18

Litomysl Snowy Sunset

Terra Bella

It’s nice to stop whatever you’re doing when you sense the sun is going down, and take a minute to breathe it in. When I’m painting in the studio, I usually stop at this time of day anyway, since the light changes. But a goal this winter is to do some nocturnal plein air paintings.


2 eggs

It started small…..

15 eggs


Within a few short weeks, they are producing far more than one or two people can eat. But not enough really to sell. At this point, anyone who comes to the door for any reason generally goes away with one or two dozen fresh eggs. Neighbors, family, delivery guys….

Loft: Before & After


The barn loft was like any barn loft you would imagine: Full of junk, cobwebs, rodent evidence. Also, the cross beams were about chest high across the length of the usable space.


 A local contractor was available to not only install north-facing windows and a skylight in the loft, raise the beams to above head-level, he also added west windows for ventilation, and stairs. And Dave single-handedly did the unbelievable clean-up which makes the space pleasant and healthier–for both humans and paintings.


Barn from across the street

The house and barn from across the street: I think the winter of ’10/’11 will be remembered as one of the snowiest on record. I am lucky and thankful to have a neighbor with a plow, and wood for the wood-burning stoves in the house and garage.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, everyone! It has been an unequivocal Winter Wonderland–euphemism for Minnesota Crazy Weather–and anyone in her right mind would be looking at property in New Mexico or Florida. But, no. I just Bought The Farm. Outside of Owatonna, Minnesota.

The farmhouse, which was built in 1926, has just behind it a summer kitchen that can function as a temporary workspace. When we get some north-facing windows added in the loft of the barn, however, that will be the studio.

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