Valentine’s Day

I have decided to give away my small practice sketches to anyone who wants them. I posted on FB this morning, and am summarizing the concept here. The thought originated with the realization that since I do so many of these practice paintings, they are beginning to take up space, in a way. I want very much for the paintings to be with anyone who would like an original oil painting, and not in my studio. Out and into the light.

What I do need is to cover the cost of the linen panels they are painted on, and the postage, unless you care to pick it up yourself. For that matter, you could provide your own panel too, and then no money would exchange hands.

If you would like one of these and need me so send it, the cost of the panel is $5 and the postage $5, so total of $10. Cash, check, or Paypal. I will be establishing a Gallery Page to post these daily paintings on, and you can take your pick. If there gets to be a wait list, you will have to be patient. But it starts today, the universal Day of Love.

© Copyright Katherine Seger – Classical Realism, portrait commissions, landscapes and still lifes