Florence, Day Five

Here's a photo of my painting, a two-hour study of light in the garden.

Florence is such a beautiful historic city, it’s hard to condense any experience here into a few lines. So in this blog I’ll just relate some of the day’s sights and events, and try to include a photo or two from our experiences. A friend and fellow painter, Kathy Litwin, is joining me for a few days here, and I love getting to paint some of the sights together! Today we went to the Botanic Garden, just a few blocks from the apartment, and painted some of the spring foliage and a fountain.

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Roma, Day Two

Dave and I have been exploring the Colosseum & surrounds, as well as the streets and food of Rome. So far, Dave has rediscovered a love of history, and we haven’t found a wine I don’t like!

Shown here are pictures taken from inside the Colosseum, and the Piazza Spagna filled with Holy Week visitors.

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